How far can I ride?

Where did you get that? How fast does it go? and of course, how long does it last.

These are the first question everyone asks once they get over the initial awe of being passed while going up hill at 20mph. 

In this post, I’ll explain some of the factors that affect range, and go over the math to calculate your range. If you just want the quick answer I included a calculator to do the work for you based on your battery specs.

The main factor in how far you can ride, is how you ride.

If you’re heavy on the accelerator, or ride up long hills you’ll get decreased range. Higher speed also decreases range because of larger resistive forces from wind, road, and other friction. The good news is the brushless motors used in modern esk8 have high efficiency of 80 – 95%, and a single stage belt drive can transmit as much as 98% of the input energy. Electrical power loss in a system as heat in the motor and esc increases with current (amps), but because of differences in motor resistance, copper mass, stator size, magnet grade and other factors there is not enough data to know how much higher voltage (32v+) affects range. The VESC 4.12 current limit of about 50A continuous from the battery and 60A to the motor phases means power is limited at lower voltage. 

The limiting factor is battery size. Making batteries too large means a heavy, expensive esk8, but too small and you have to start looking for a charger just when you felt warmed up. Most complete boards use batteries around 99 w-hr so they can easily be taken on most airlines, but this also means real world range is on the lower end of their claims, and long term performance has yet to be proven.

The great thing about a Custom electric skateboard is you build what you want. Find the right balance of whats important to you, not whats the best for everyone else.

  • Range
  • Speed
  • Cost
  • Connivence

More speed = Less Range

More Range = Heavy/Less compact

How to Calculate range?

First thing we need to know is how much energy does the battery have? To estimate multiply the battery Voltage X battery capacity.

For example 30V 5  ah  battery pack, has about 30V X 5ah =150  w-hr 

The next thing we need is a baseline, think of this as mpg for esk8.

1 mile traveled = some amount of energy

20 – 40 watt-hour per mile are common values.

Miles of range = battery energy (w-hr) /( w-hr per mile )

150 w-hr / (20 w-hr/mile) = 7.5 miles  

150 w-hr / (40 w-hr/mile) = 3.75 miles  



Range Calculator