How Fast?

How fast can an electric skateboard go?

Most complete boards have a top speed around 20 mph, newer competitors and updates now claim top speeds of 24-25 mph.

Custom boards can be built to reach 30-35+ mph, but this is only for experience riders with proper safety gear. 

In order to estimate the top speed of your esk8 we need to know a few things.

  • Motor Kv (rpm per volt)
    • ask your retailer or check kv estimate in bldc tool.
  • Battery Pack Voltage (volts)
    • Cell voltage * Number of cells in Series = Total Voltage
  • Wheel Diameter (mm)
  • Gear ratio (1 for direct drive/hub motors)
    • Wheel pulley teeth / motor pulley teeth
  • System efficiency
    • 70-90% for belt drive
    • 40-60% for direct drive