Build Guide Spring 2017

 If you haven't read our Quick Info page, you should start there to get better idea of the parts used in this guide.

Basic Build #1:

A simple build to introduce you to electric skateboarding with a limited budget, but can still keep up with any complete and keep going while they charge.

Budget: $600

Desired Specs:

  1. Top speed: 22mph/35kph
  2. Range: 16 mile/25.8 km 
  3. Weight: 14lb/6.3 kg


The good:

  • Low cost, simple, lightweight
  • Perfect for everyday use commuting, food runs, shredding streets
  • Great acceleration and hill climbing with a single belt drive
  • Many options to use high quality longboard components
  • Easily swap wheels for flywheels, Kegel cores and mbs 101mm
  • Fine tune with wheel size and gear rati0

The bad:

  • Belts wear and break 
    • replacing takes less than 5 minutes for than $5 each
  • Not as fast or quick as a dual drive?

Fun Build #1.2:

Add more power and range, perfect for a short commute but still not too hard on your wallet. What a difference a custom battery can make, not only is the battery rated to last longer, the integrated bms with plug and play charger makes your board feel more complete then rc style chargers with wires and connectors everywhere.

8s4p or 8s5p for similar range/speed

10s4p or 12s3p for a boost in top speed and lower current draw. (with 190kv motor)

Budget: $800

All parts from Basic build #1 and/or:

$350 - Custom 18650/20700 battery pack with bms and plug and play charger 

The good:

  • More range, more acceleration, more speed, more time riding.
  • Can by DIY with Bms + spotwelled tabs

The bad:

  • Cost a bit more
  • requires spot welding
  • bms take more enclosure space
  • more parts 

Booster Build #3:

Dual motors mean double the torque, higher top speed, and more hill climbing ability. Yeah, it'll weight more, but you won't be carrying it, you'll be riding! 

On a single drive you can increase current to you motor for some torque gains, but double the current in a single motor will not give you double the torque because the motor is less efficient at high power(above saturation current). However, by splitting double the current in 2 motors and escs, you do gain double the torque! since both motor are symmetrical, you also get an smoother torque delivery from 2 wheels over 1, not that you'll notice anything on a single drive.

The idea of driving only 1 wheel of 4 seems strange to most people, so a dual rear is perfect if thats you. 

Budget: $1200 - 1500+

Desired Specs:

  • Top speed: 22mph - 27mph on 80mm kegels or 26 - 29 mph on 97mm flywheels
  • Range: 16 mile/25.8 km 
  • Weight:  >/=16lb/7.2 kg

27+mph/43kph. 20 mile/32km range. 18 lb/8 kg

The good:

  • Amazing acceleration and hill climbing with a Dual belt drive
  • Everything the single has but DOUBLE the POWER and TORQUE!
  • Easily swap wheels
  • Fine tune with wheel size and gear ratio
  • Faster and quicker than most complete boards

The bad:

  • Belts wear and break
  • Scary Fast, painfully quick.
  • makes all other eboards feel like toys.

HUB motor builds are removed until I can find a new source for single/dual hub/direct drive motors. 

Build notes



Custom boards offer a whole world of customizations and combinations of parts. Most dual drive use identical symmetric motors, however asymmetric builds are possible, using two different kv motors and/or gear ratio combinations you can tune and flatten the combined torque curve for something special. Things can get complicated quick, and theres no conclusive proof that a symmetric build won't out perform in the real world but we can do it if we want, thats the important part, endless possibilities. 


Quad Belt Drive

Most likely this will just be heavy and not as efficient as a well tuned dual drive esk8.

But you are welcomed to prove me wrong! I'd like to build one just to see if it can climb up > 30% incline.